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veniceVisiting Venice, the “City of Light”

A Northern Italy city, Venice is often called one of the most beautiful in the world and quite rightly so.  The timing of your visit to Venice depends on whether you are looking to avoid crowds or not.  May to September  is usually the busiest time in Venice because of events like the Venice International Film Festival, and since spring and autumn are known for their copious rain showers and thunderstorms, packing a pair of waterproof boots or shoes is probably a good idea.  Events such as the Carnivale (in February), Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter tend to bring large crowds of tourists as well.  Its location on the coast means that Venice has very high humidity, with summer temperatures usually between 86-91°F and winter temperatures ranging between 32-37°F.

Venice is definitely rewarding in the sights and sounds it offers to those who enjoy walking.  .  Around every corner as you walk through the meandering, intertwined streets you are likely to find some building or monument of historical significance.  Several basilicas dot the city and offer an interesting insight into the power of the church in the political institutions of Europe.  These church edifices are also a haven for art lovers.  True art aficionados will want to take a visit to the collection of Peggy Guggenheim stored in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni.  The eccentric millionaire and wife of Max Ernst live in the Palazzo for 30 years.  It contains art from most of the major art movements of the 20th century.  Artists such as Picasso, Dali, Miro, de Kooning, Pollock, Mondrian, Chagall, and Braque have their works housed there.  The sculpture garden, where Guggenheim is buried along with her dogs, contains works by Henry Moore and Jean Arp.

Gondola rides through the Venetian waterways are an ever popular activity.  Gondoliers will often regale you with tells of Venice’s storied history during your ride.  Popular attractions like the Basilica di San Marco (which dates back to 1094), Palazzo Ducale, and Gallerie dell’ Accademia are all important historical sights.

While you are travelling through the streets of Venice, you must take time to sample some traditional Venetian fare.  The Fiaschetteria Toscana is about as Tuscan as a gondola and offers a diverse menu of Venetian cuisine supplemented by an impressive and extensive wine list.  Don’t forget to save space for the homemade desserts.  If you are looking for a more contemporary feel the Al Pesador restaurant offers a variety of seafood fusion-based snacks, and with its location right by the canal in the Fabbriche Vecchie you can enjoy your meal canal side among the locals.  A stroll through the boatyard will lead you to Mistra which offers excellent views of the lagoon as well as great seafood.

Venice offers much to those who are looking for historical insight into Europe.  It also boast some of the finest art in the world.  A gondola ride through the city is definitely one of Venice’s most unique offers.  Wouldn’t you enjoy a visit to the “City of Light?”

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