Traveling To The Bermuda Triangle

You don’t really believe in the old legends of the Bermuda Triangle, do you?  Even if you do, don’t let it stop you from visiting this island paradise.  Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe, you will have plenty of memories to take home.

This island compares to the islands in the Caribbean, offering cool blue waters, pink sandy beaches and wonderfully warm weather.  It is home to a slew of Hollywood celebrities including Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. For executives, Bermuda is where they go to, to find rest and relaxation from the grind of the cities. If you are looking for lots of peace and quiet, there are numerous resorts to fulfil your every whelm, pampering is not a problem.

This island makes a great honeymoon getaway offering some romantic inns, with big four poster beds and lots of candlelight dinners or how about that wedding on the beach or its even appropriate for a family vacation.  Depending on what you are in the mood for you can dance the night away or have a night on the town in the City of Hamilton, which happens to also be the seaside capital of this island.

If it is diving and snorkelling, swimming with tropical fish or exploring a shipwreck, Bermuda is surrounded by this totally awesome coral reef and is home to wonderful colour tropical fish.  Place like Elbow Beach in Paget parish should take care of your diving urge and give you lots of memories.  For some kayaking and yachting, you will want to head over to the crystal clear waters of Southampton parish.  If its stuff to do on land, you can play golf at a world class golf course, take a hike along quiet trails or sun yourself on pink sandy beaches.

One of the newer hotels, 9Beaches offer cabana like houses with French doors that open on to spacious docks.  These cabanas like houses are built on stilts out over the ocean with glass floors so you can check out the sea creatures under your room.  If water sports are something you want to try, there is windsurfing, sailing, fishing and jet skis available.  Oh and just so you know the name 9 Beach also give you at least that many to choose from for you water sport of choice.

So when should you go check out this island paradise, that is about 650 miles from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina?  Well the summer season is from April to October.  This is when you can experience the warmest temperatures and the warmest waters.  This is also the busiest time of year with more tourists wandering about.  The warmest time is from July through September when the temperature averages about 85 degrees for a high and 75 degrees for a low. The humidity is a killer there too, sometimes at an average of 84% during the month of August.  You might want to keep this in mind as well, from August to October is hurricane season, but it’s not located in the hurricane track.

The winter season starts in November and goes on well into March.  You won’t find any cruise ships docked there during this time and your average daytime temperature is going to be around 70 degrees.  You will have to give up water activities but there is still plenty of other interesting things to do and see during this time as well, and you don’t have to worry about jostling with crowds.

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