The Indian Ocean: The Islands of Maldives

Gaining recognition as one of the most exotic travel destinations in recent years, the Islands of Maldives will take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday, jam packed city life.  You will have nothing but serenity and peace, faraway from noisy densely populated areas.

From the wonderful deep blue or turquoise waters of these wonderful lush tropical islands lies a world that Robinson Crusoe once had to himself.  Located in the Indian Ocean, with the closest countries being India and Sri Lanka, the Maldives are a group of small islands, approximately 1200 to be exact where only a small portion is actually populated.  Want an island all to yourself?  Think of the possibilities!  Moonlight strolls along the beaches!  Male is the capital of this string of islands and is the most inhabited of the islands, but only holds about a third of the entire population.

While everyone thinks that all islands have wonderful flowering plants, lots of tropical plants, the Maldives are not quite so lucky.  Most of the vegetation consists of coconut trees, vines, mangroves and Banyan trees along with some breadfruit trees and bamboo of course.  What they lack in flowery plants they more than make up for with the birds and tropical fish.

If you are into bird watching or scuba diving, you have hit a home run.  The islands are home to more than 100 different species of birds and the tropical fish come in many colours and shapes and sizes.  You can experience it up close on a dive and see dolphins, Butterfly fish, Angelfish, Parrot fish and Flutemouth fish.  As for the birds you should expect to see herons, parakeets, water hens and Koel birds just for starters.  No island would be complete without a few lizards like geckos and the garden varieties, and maybe a couple of snakes, but nothing dangerous, oh and watch out for Flying foxes

So whether you are a diving extremist, or a birdwatcher, or just want some romantic time along on a beach with your spouse or partner, The Maldives have that to offer.  This is a great place for a honeymoon and there are some newly built 6 star hotels available.  The Maldives guarantee the luxury of their islands and out of the 1200 islands, only about 200 of those are actually inhabited with people.  So how do you get there?

Well you will arrive by plane to the capital city of Male, and then you can travel to your port by seaplane which gives you a wonderful aerial view and some great pictures to take back or you can get to your port by speedboat.  This trip can be quite expensive and once you arrive, you may spend as little as 20 minutes to get to your final destination or it could take you up to 2 hours to reach your resort.

While the temperature on these islands range from about 86 degrees during the day to the low 70’s at night, the air is hot and humid and nights can get really muggy.  There is a monsoon season, so before you book your trip, make sure to avoid that time of year.

For a romantic get away from all the noisy and pollution and traffic; this may be your ticket for loads of wonderful memories.

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