Scotland – Traveling The Highlands

Scotland is a wonderful place to visit with tons of history and lots of castles to explore.  If you want the hustle and bustle of a big city you can go to Edinburgh and if the Queen is not in residence, you can even visit Holyrood Palace.  Edinburgh sports an underground mall, and there are tons of places to eat and drink.

However if you are after peace and quiet and still want to experience culture and history, check out Glasgow.  You can fly into Glasgow and then head out in any direction by train.  If you are going to a town or village faraway or up into the highlands, you might want to book a train with a sleeper car.  Either way, the countryside is breathtaking! And you will see lots and lots of history along the way.  In fairness it’s a quaint little town with lots of history of its own.  Stuart Castle being one of the places you can just visit or book some rooms and enjoy the history and haunting of the castle.  It is filled with hidden rooms and passage ways for exploring, large banquet hall for entertaining.  Stuart Castle is located not to far from a Loch and the evening air even in July can be quite chilly.  However the castle staff will be more than happy to have a fire lit in your room and some liquor for consumption if you so choose.

Private guided tours are really the best and they will take you around to any neighboring castles that offer tours.  Some of them even have manicured gardens to stroll through or not so manicured forests for you to explore. There are plenty of websites where you can obtain information about the different castles located throughout the highlands that offer overnight accommodations and usually they include a couple of meals.  Most of these castles also offer honeymoon packages that include the wedding ceremony.  Just make sure you check out the requirements for getting married in a foreign country before you take off.

You can travel the highlands and spend many days exploring, but make sure you stop for a moment to see if the infamous Nessie is at home.  Loch Ness is in close proximity to Stuart Castle and it would be a shame to miss this on your adventure.  They do offer boat rides out on to the Loch for you to try to get an up close look at Nessie, but even in July it can be quite brisk on the Loch.

Whether you are interested in the Highlands of Scotland or the hustle and bustle of one of its bigger cities, Scotland is full of culture, history, folklore and lots of pubs.  Dining in a pub can be quite interesting and usually has some local food to offer up.  However, don’t expect to find any iced drinks there!  Better to order it straight up or with a water chaser.

The weather itself in Scotland and Great Britain can change from one minute to the next.  You can experience wonderful bursts of sunshine, rain, chilly air and snow all in one day.  So plan for the inevitable, a light jacket a pair of shorts, some jeans and take the umbrella as well.  Oh and when traveling through Europe, its best to pack just a single back pack.  If you can’t fit it in one of those, leave it at home.

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