Dining With The Danes In Copenhagen

Fabulous weather is the first thing that strike’s you about Copenhagen, the capital and largest city in Denmark.  Copenhagen weather is basically mild through all four seasons and is not prone to any particular type of severe weather.  Summer temperatures usually hover around 68°F while in the winter temperatures are usually just above 0°F.  The mildness of the summer and late spring make them the best time to visit Copenhagen.  The chance of moderate rainfall year-round makes it a good idea to keep an umbrella handy when visiting.  Skies tend to be overcast more often then not in Copenhagen though they don’t necessarily bode rain.

Located on an island, Copenhagen has quickly grown to be the most visited city in the Nordic Countries with roughly 1.3 million tourists every year. Copenhagen is a major cultural, business, media, and science centre.  The city has frequently been recognized for its high quality of life and is considered on of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities. The burgeoning Danish capital sports its own quaint atmosphere a mixture of understated modernity and uniquely Danish sense of well-being.  Copenhagen has become known for it design, architecture, and fashion, and most recently an extraordinary culinary revolution.

Antiques abound in Copenhagen and if you are in the market for some interesting collectors pieces the upmarket street Bredgade is home to many of the top antique dealers and auction houses in the city, including the Alexander Newsky Kirke.  The architecturally inclined will enjoy a visit to the Borsen, a Renaissance building that now houses the stock exchange.  Though not open to the public the exterior features an ornate spire in the form of the entwined tails of four dragons. The Copenhagen Opera House is usually sold out well in advance for performances, but if you arrive early you might just be able to get your hands on the 25 tickets that are saved to be sold at the box office for every performance. The Zoologisk Museum contains a magnificent collection of stuffed wild creatures from polar bears to North Zealand deer.

Those who enjoy shopping can head to Oksnehallen for everything from photography exhibitions to the annual Copenhagen Cooking food festival held in late August.  Speaking of food, with the culinary resurgence in Copenhagen there are several venues where you can try the best in Copenhagen’s cuisine.  For instance the Cofoco, short for Copenhagen Food Consulting, offers several intriguing dishes on its superb three-course menu, all at a very reasonable price, ranking it among the city’s best restaurants.  Try some Italian at Famo, with fresh, homemade pastas and grab some conversations with the locals.  Contemporary Franco-Danish food can be found at Fru Heiberg; the placed is packed on the weekend and if you want to get in you’ll probably need to book in advance.

Copenhagen is quickly climbing the charts as a popular tourist destination and a trendy, European cultural powerhouse. Why don’t you plan a trip and check out what this Danish capital has to offer you?

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